• Reviews Of Hospital Car Parks That I’ve Spent Too Much Time Waiting In

    Airedale – Somewhat expensive, not well lit. Gets rather boring after second or third hour.

    Otley – Well priced (just £1/hour) and pretty well lit. The excitement still palls after the second hour but the staff are nicer.

  • Blog

    Decided that the last thing that this site needs is a blog. Realised that it already had one. I rest my case.

  • Octember 2020

    Realised that the web site is over 20 years old and it still hasn’t helped me go viral. Come to the conclusion that going viral probably now has a different meaning in 2020 and that I don’t want to go. Might go fungal instead, but don’t think I can get ointment for it.

    Decided to do things with the site. Wasn’t sure what things, but did them anyway. Added some cello and quartet music. Messed with menus. Fixed the contact form. Other stuff. Very exciting. Not.

  • November 2019 (within reasonable bounds of error)

    Done stuff. Don’t like the colour of the site title but can’t find another one that shows up. Does the site need a title? Do I need a site? Do I care? No.

  • July 2018 (Version 1)

    Scrapped my WordPress site temporarily and resurrect this one. Wondered what version 2 of July 2018 will be like.

  • February 2010 – June 2017

    What I was I doing to the site. I can’t remember but I’m sure it was very interesting or not.

  • January

    Totally restructured the site, added new pages, moved and renamed old pages, shuffled content around, got totally lost, panicked, sorted it out all out, now happy again.

  • August

    A jaunt around the Midlands, visiting Warwick Castle (horribly touristy), Twycross Zoo and Kenilworth Castle (much better!) with new photos added around the album if there was one.

  • Hill Climb

    A visit to the Prescott Hill vintage hill climb has resulted in a new section in the gallery which nobody can find.

  • 1968

    ‘1968 And All That’ event at the National Railway Museum, so some more pictures have turned up in the ‘Steam’ section of the gallery. Or they would if there was a gallery and I’d posted them there.

  • Grace

    We have a new four-legged member of the family; a grey kitten called Grace who now has her own area in the album which no longer exists as of some date in the future  (how do I know?).

  • Last Day

    The last day of the holiday (boo-hoo). A quick trip to the beach at Greve de Lecq in the morning and just a couple of photos for today; one of a nice print in the cottage (artist Tim Thompson, but I can’t find the name of it).

  • Durrell

    Off to Jersey Zoo, or ‘Durrell’ as it is now called, after its founder; Gerald Durrell. I can’t say I like the new name, but I still took lots of photos, the best of which are to be found in today’s gallery update. Went to the beach at St. Brelades in the evening, just to add a few more pictures.

    I predict that they’ll change the name of the zoo back again in a few years.

  • And More

    Took the ferry to Guernsey today. Two of us were sick and I wished I’d walked. On arrival, I was interviewed by a journalist from the local press – I initially thought that he must have heard about this web site, but it turned out that he was looking for a story about the ferry which we’d travelled on as it has apparently had a run of technical problems recently.

    Later two of our team mutinied and refused to board the ferry to Herm and spent the day in Castle Cornet instead. For the day’s photos and a couple of bonus shots from last night, follow the link below that no longer exists so you can’t.

  • Please Send Money

    Continued the continuation by adding pictures from the maritime museum in St. Helier. We went to a vineyard and a pottery as well, but I was too busy carrying Lois’s shopping to take any pictures. Contributions to the J. M. Skilleter Wallet Restoration Fund are urgently required and will be gratefully received.

  • More

    Continued the vanity insanity by adding today’s collection of pictures from Mount Orgueil Castle.

  • Holiday Photographs

    In a totally pointless and probably futile exercise driven only by withdrawal symptoms from my regular games of Scrabble and a feeling of ‘well, why not?’ (the answers to which were very carefully ignored), I’ve decided to replace usual handing around of 100+ boring photographs to people who weren’t interested after photo number 3 with an online, daily-updated, live photo album of the holiday whilst I’m on holiday!!! This must be great news for everyone as I can show off how clever I am (I wish) and everyone can honestly say “I’ve already seen them” when we offer to show them our holiday photographs when we get back.

  • More Pictures

    Another little update with a few new photographic imagary including one one or two of me on the Royal Scot many, many years ago (ye gods, ’twas over a quarter of century ago!). See the ‘Butlins’ link on the left for more information!

    I’ve also stuck another nice picture of the boys on the site (I have a nasty feeling that I’m going to find a photo of me on the site somewhere if I keep letting Robert play games on the PC (Worms is a favourite at the moment (go to for information))

  • Even More Updates

    New album! Bananas????

  • More Updates

    More photos added. Many more to go….

  • Belated Update

    Finally got around to redesigning the site completely – well, nearly completely….

    Got a new recently as well – a dark green Ford Mundano. Boring, but big, safe, reasonably driveable and (hopefully) more reliable than that bl**dy Astra and, for that matter, the previous bl**dy Astra.

  • Update

    Just noticed that I haven’t updated this page for 3 years. Shows how exciting my life is doesn’t it?


  • Breaking News (ha ha! (I don’t think!))

    Someone decided to try and embed their Post Office van in the side of my car as I was driving home tonight.

    Yes, thanks, I’m uninjured. What? You didn’t ask? What do you mean; you don’t care! Well, really……

  • Minor Update

    Well, I keep saying “I must update the web pages” and then do nothing about it. I haven’t actually done very much this time, but at least it proves that I’m still alive (as far as I know).

    I managed to resist the temptations of Perl, Java and ECMAscript, much to my sanity’s relief, and I’m still plodding along in my day job with C for little black boxes. Nothing much seems to have happened over the last 6 months or so, which means life is peaceful but a little boring and I’m almost certainly going to wish that I’d never said that at some point!

  • Image Problems

    Ho hum, well I got the pages sorted (or so I thoughted (so says, lapsing into whimsical rhyme for a moment)) only to have someone send me a nice email telling me that some pages had pictures which covered up the text! How is that possible with HTML? Goodness knows, it seems to be something to do with image alignment. Serves me right for not reading the manual. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back and sort them all out. Two updates in two days, not to mention a minor tweak to the RoADA pages (Advanced Driving) as well! Goodness me, I’m becoming a proper little webmaster now! I even know what CGI is, although I still haven’t a clue what it stands for. I’m also getting this strange urge to learn Perl, Java and even ECMAscript, which sounds like a particularly nasty skin disease….

    Now where was I…..

    Oh dear, looks like I either stick my images above/below my text or use tables with invisible borders to keep everything apart. I wonder if there’s a better way to do this kind of thing. Off we go then, just when I thought I’d got rid of the tables on the site……