Image Problems

Ho hum, well I got the pages sorted (or so I thoughted (so says, lapsing into whimsical rhyme for a moment)) only to have someone send me a nice email telling me that some pages had pictures which covered up the text! How is that possible with HTML? Goodness knows, it seems to be something to do with image alignment. Serves me right for not reading the manual. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back and sort them all out. Two updates in two days, not to mention a minor tweak to the RoADA pages (Advanced Driving) as well! Goodness me, I’m becoming a proper little webmaster now! I even know what CGI is, although I still haven’t a clue what it stands for. I’m also getting this strange urge to learn Perl, Java and even ECMAscript, which sounds like a particularly nasty skin disease….

Now where was I…..

Oh dear, looks like I either stick my images above/below my text or use tables with invisible borders to keep everything apart. I wonder if there’s a better way to do this kind of thing. Off we go then, just when I thought I’d got rid of the tables on the site……