I’ve been working on PCs since the early 1980’s in the days of the original IBM PC.

I can help if you want advice about building a new computer, or have an older PC that might benefit from an upgrade (often you can dramatically improve a PC’s performance with a simple upgrade costing less than 10% of the price of a new one).

if you’re having problems with your computer, either with faulty hardware, or think you might have a virus, I can help you out as well. Actually, if you have a virus, I probably can’t help, but if  the computer does, I probably can.

As well as the work on the huge cloud computing projects that I do in my day job I do a little work on open source projects in my own time – the main one of these is the Jed editor and I maintain a fork of the project for my own use.

You can find some of my stuff on GitLab: