Improved Design

Righty-oh then (he says, out of character, but in an attempt to confuse the spellig checker) this thyme, I’m really, really, really going to get around to uploading the latest version of the web site to good old Even though Rollercoaster Tycoon is beckoning at me seductively from it’s CD jewel case, and I have some work on the Windows version of the Jed editor (superb bit of code, go to “The JED Programmer’s Editor” page if you like your programmer’s editors UNIX-style with lots of power and no bells and whistles) that I should be doing.

I’m going to get rid of those irritating tables and put some more text for you to ignore whilst looking at the pictures. I might even add a few more of them, since I’ve had some feedback over the last few months from one or two people who actually said that they like the site (no, not just my mother….)