The Skilleter Web Site

Who, What, Where, Why, When?

All very good questions. Some of the answers are below

  • Who?

I’m John Skilleter – 1.88m tall ape-descendent, reluctant member of the human race

  • What?

Software engineer during office hours and a web site designer, computer fixer and builder, musician (of sorts), photographer, technology fan (steam or electronics), fan of open source, lover of vintage BBC radio comedy (ITMA to H2G2) the rest of the time.

  • Where?

Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

  • Why?

Ah. The tricky question. “Why what?” is the traditional answer! If you mean “Why does this web site exist?” then:

I wanted the email address and the web site kind-of came free with it.
I wanted a web site (this is it, sorry!)
I wanted to put my photos where people can see if them if they wanted to (see here)
I wanted to tell people what I can do to help with their computer or web site problems
For more information see here

  • When?

I originally created the site around roughly lots of years ago – an intermittent history lurks here.

  • What’s New?

An arrangement of Samuel Barber’s Adagio performed using a set of wine glasses (no, I don’t know why I did this, either, but it was fun)

  • Where Now?

If you want me to help design, upgrade, maintain or paint your web site pale blue then you might want to go here.

If your computer is misbehaving or needs upgrading because you can’t get the coal for it any more, or you want help or advice buying a new one then wander in the general direction of this bit of the site.

If you are interested in me or the family, you probably want to look at the album or my ramblings on the news & site history pages.

Getting In Touch

If you need to contact me, you can email, Skype me as skilleter, or find me on Facebook