New Car

Just got a new (well, newer) car, so decided that the most logical thing to do was to update the web site. I’m still trying to decide why that was logical, but it hasn’t stopped me from doing it. Robert’s in bed, so this update is all my own work. If nothing else, the speling should be right! For some reason that I’m blaming Microsloth for, the font’s changed on all the new pages. When I get around to RTFM, I’ll try and sort it out. In the meantime, I’m going to claim that it is an artistic effect, if anyone comments on it.

Just for the heck of it, I’ve created a mailing list for the site (why not join, below!) and with the help of a kind gentleman called Andrew Spaxman we have a wonderful advertising banner as well. At this rate, as soon as pay-per-view web sites are invented, I’ll be able to retire – assuming that I can survive on £1.50 per decade that is!

Eureka, I’ve found the logical link between the new car and the web site. The first place that we went in it was to the National Railway Museum in York. We had a marvellous time; saw City Of Truro and the Flying Scotsman for the first time and had a look around the new building “The Works” which only opened a few days ago. If anyone from the museum is reading this, we can offer our congratulations on a museum that gets better and better every time that we visit.